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Our visa company is proud to share the success story of one of our clients, Student, who applied for an American student visa with our guidance and support. Student had always dreamt of studying abroad, and after completing his undergraduate degree, he decided to pursue a master’s degree in information technology at The University of Texas in America. However, he was facing numerous challenges in the visa application process, including difficulty in gathering the necessary documents and completing the application forms. That’s when Student decided to seek our assistance, and our team of expert consultants provided him with comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire process. We helped him in preparing his application documents, reviewed his application to ensure it met the necessary requirements and advised him on the interview process.


The United States offers international students a rich educational experience through its top-ranked universities, welcoming culture and career opportunities.

World-Class Education

Students can pursue bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees from prestigious institutions at reasonable costs. While tuition averages $12,000-15,000 annually, living expenses are approximately $21,000.

Funding Options

Merit-based scholarships are available to help offset costs, with awards up to 30% of tuition and living expenses.

Post-Study Prospects

Graduates qualify for multi-year work visas allowing skilled employment in their field. This provides a pathway to experience-building, financial independence and potential permanent residence.

Admission Requirements

The application involves documents like academic records, English proficiency proof, a CV and financial guarantees.

Work Permits

Bachelor’s graduates receive 2-4 year permits, while masters holders qualify for 3-5 years of work authorization to professionally develop in the US.

With renowned schools, a welcoming culture and excellent career services, the United States presents international students a premier global education with meaningful long-term potential.

Required Documents for admission processing

  • Passport (First 2 pages)
  • Updated CV with all details
  • English Language Test
  • Academic Degrees and Transcripts
  • Recommendation Letter of Employment for Higher Studies
  • Updated Reference Letters from the Institute
  • Experience Letter with proper date and reference number, Duration (If Applicable)

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university of texas

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