Password English

Password English Test

Examine your English listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities with the Password English Test online. It tries to measure your level of English proficiency precisely using several question kinds.  The exam covers several ground. You’ll listen to tapes and respond to pertinent questions. Short answer or multiple choice questions are posed after passages to test reading comprehension. Writing is coming up with answers to questions. And you record your answers for speaking assignments. For parts like vocabulary, question types include multiple choice, matching, and fill-in-the-blank. You might have to answer questions regarding a tape or arrange sentences for listening. Writing sometimes call for longer comments or summaries. Speaking exercises give you things to talk about aloud.

The Password Test is a popular tool used in many businesses and schools to determine a person’s English proficiency. It tests actual application of the language by incorporating several modalities, not simply grammar knowledge. The comprehensive and unbiased results it offers to make well-informed judgments are valued by employers.

The Password Test gives a thorough picture of practical English levels by evaluating hearing, reading, writing, and speaking. Different workout techniques also reveal certain talents and places for improvement. It is a helpful diagnostic instrument all around.

1. Speaking

  • Introduction of student
  • There are five simple questions to answer in section 2. Test-takers have 20 seconds to answer each question.
  • There are three scenarios in section 3. Test-takers have 45 seconds to answer Each question.
  • In section 4, test-takers are asked to make a comparison. Timing only 1 minute
  • There is one question in section 5. Test-takers have 2 minutes to answer the question.

2. Reading

  • Rearrange of paragraph
  • Fill in the blanks
  • MCQ’s
  • Match headings
  • Reorder sentences to make summary
3. Writing
  • Essay: Two topics will be given and you have to pick one of them.
4. Listing
  • MCQ’s from lecture/informative clip
  • Mark correct /incorrect from recording
  • MCQ’s from recording
  • MCQ’s from long recording
  • pick up point from Dialogs
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