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Listing (30 mint)

30 questions

Part 1: Listen to 7 unfinished dialogues & choose the appropriate completion or continuation from the three-option multiple-choice responses

Part 2:Listen to 5 conversations & answer 2 three-option multiple-choice questions for each one

Part 3:Listen to a monologue & fill in 7 gaps in a note, message pad or form with no more than 3 words each time

Part 4:Listen to a group discussion/debate & answer 6 three-option, follow-up multiple-choice questions

Each part is played twice.

Reading (50 mint)

Parts – 30 Multiple Choice (MC) questions

Part 1a: 6 MC questions. Read the given sentences & choose the correct word to replace the highlighted word.

Part 1b: 5 MC questions. Read a gapped text & fill in each gap with the correct word from a choice of 3.

Part 2: 6 MC questions. Read a text from which 6 sentences have been removed & choose from a choice of 8 sentences to fill in the gaps.

Part 3: 7 MC questions. Read 4 texts on a common theme & answer questions to identify information from the texts.

Part 3: 6 MC questions. Read a long text & answer six four-option multiple-choice questions about it.

Writing 50 mint

2 Tasks

Varying Word Count

Part 1: 100 – 150 words (respond appropriately to a given text to produce a formal response for an intended public audience)
Task: Produce a neutral or formal & appropriate response for a specified reader based on a given text

Part 2:150 – 250 words (Produce a piece of informal writing)
Task: Write an informal piece for a specific purpose and audience.

Speaking 12 mint

4 Tasks


Part 1: spell name – Give country of origin. Answer up to 5 questions on different topic areas

Part 2: : 2 situations are presented by the interlocutor. Candidates are expected to respond to questions initiate interactions

Part 3: Read aloud a text & answer questions about the text

Part 4: After 30 seconds of preparation time, talk about a topic provided by the interlocutor for one to two minutes & answer follow-up questions

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